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Cast in Time is a family orientated business, run by Rita a mum of two. When at the time of starting her business her little ones were 5 and 10 years old.


As every parent finds out, those precious early moments of childhood are gone before you know it! Cast In Time create unique gifts of baby's hands and feet that capture those cherished memories and preserves them forever in a beautiful, unique art form. 

These beautiful life castings are the work of the skilled artisans at Cast in time but these pieces are more than just artwork; they are treasured keepsakes and little time portals that capture the essence of a moment and allow loved on to revisit it. In fact, Cast In Time is a company built on memories.

The company was first established in 1999 and specialises in creating unique baby's hand and feet cast sculptures. 


As a premature baby born three months early and weighing in at just 1lb 8oz, Rita’s entrance into the world was immediately a fight for survival. Against all the odds she has grown into a strong-minded, intelligent human being and businesswoman, and this fighting spirit remains a central part of her attitude to work and life.


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Rita Nugent

Founder / MD 

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